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The Online Republic travel group offers generous affiliate programs for motorhome and car rental, as well as cruise holidays.

We have Motorhome, Car rental & Cruise holiday supply with over 4000 companies in 40 countries around the world, which to our knowledge, has created the biggest global rental network on the planet.

The average global booking value of a motorhome rental is $2,160 with an average commission to Online Republic of 21%, and up to 50% of this revenue is shared with you (our affiliate), meaning that you could expect $225 per booking.

For all of your questions and enquiries please contact John Webster HERE

My name is John Webster, I am an Affiliate Channel Manager who looks for Publishers that are a good fit to our products at Online Republic. After spending the last week calling and emailing a large number of blogger, with some declines but I did receive a number of positive responses from blogger's interested in an affiliate program. However I found a small but noticeable number reply with counter offers that were somewhat commercially untenable as an advertising option. So I thought its time to ask the question directly.  I pressed the affiliate offer some where very negative about affiliate programs and really questioned them as an income.

So I want to know, does it work for you? If not what do you suggest as a win win alternative?

I understand that a blogger who wishes to make a living from writing will need ways to gain income from the site. I also understand that affiliate pay per action models are no guarantee of a regular income, which would explain the trending toward older print magazine style pricing models.
If a space is for sale at a set rate on a time over size and page location, it’s a known value and much easier to create a business model around. Cash flow becomes much more certain and this removes the need to evaluate the relevance and potential uptake of a product/service by the sites readership.

Now consider being the advertiser or affiliate provider. Firstly if the objective of the advertising is create brand awareness with little or no action then the above business model is not a bad fit.

But if advertising is part of a business model that must stimulate sales in order to justify the advertising cost, this model must be scrutinized to a far deeper level. If an advertiser is expected to pay a set fee regardless of any results, the medium (Blog site) and its visitors/ readers need to be evaluated to understand what the potential results could be. 

Set fees and CPC advertising must be backed up with justifiable information the goes beyond a Google page rank and volume of monthly visitors. As an advertiser I need to understand the demographic of the audience, who, where, what age, interests. If other advertisers have done well using this site - examples, testimonials.  Flat fee and CPC advertising just puts the risk evaluation back on the advertiser, so to attract advertisers the evaluation must be detailed metrics.

Then there are the fees. Many fees I have been sent appear to be made up on the spot. Part of attracting advertisers is understanding their business model and the margins they have to work with.  
If an ad/ link costs $50 a month that generates 100 hits.  It creates 3 sales total value of $100 with a margin of $15 each. Well this advertiser will not advertise for long. Understanding what your offer is actually worth commercially to the advertiser is the key to attracting advertisers and affiliates.

So what do you Travel blogger's want, flat fee or CPA ? Or is there another way that will work for both parties? I feel there is a commercial vacuum between some blogger's and advertisers at this time that needs to be addressed.        


Our affiliate program provides you with everything you need from one simple easy to use location. You can find the code for a search widget from your own login, affiliate account which shows live tracking of your bookings, full analytic(s) reporting and offers total customisation. Please take a moment to look at an example of what your affiliate account will look like:
USER: mrdemo

We have both branded and unbranded search widgets. The link below is an example of one of the many branded widgets available to you.

We also offer full white label website solutions where your readers complete the search comparison and booking process with your brand, not ours. This is a partially good affiliate option for maintaining your brand experience and creates repeat custom.   

Your readers will see all local and national providers, also including all the international suppliers of these products from your website. Our technology will allow your website visitors to easily search and compare all rental vehicles and cruises available from one of the world’s widest selections, then book and pay conveniently and securely.   

You website is an excellent match to these travel products and will benefit from being able to book your customers travel requirements, and our affiliate program does all the work, you simply place a widget on your site and watch the bookings come in.  

I would very much like to talk with you about your site perhaps you could email me with your number and a good time to call, or please visit and watch our video and fill out the sign up form.

These are some examples of travel blogs and publishers that use our affiliate program.




Motorhome and RV Affiliate Channel

The motorhome and RV rental market has seen steady and rapid growth over the last few years. There are many niche's from families and young travelers, to seniors and inbound tourists, all renting motor-homes.

For the last 8 years the global motorhome and RV rental market has grown over 20% year on year. This exciting travel category holds the interest of a wide and diverse group of travelers  In Many markets we have seen an explosion of the younger budget conscious travelers moving away from traditional bus tours and hostel vacations to the low cost and independent option of small motorhomes or campers.

Firstly, the stock of caravans and motorhomes in the UK continues to increase significantly year on year.  In the UK they have a combined total of 648,000 units, arguably small by some European standards.
Take a look at this article which demonstrates steady growth in the UK and European markets. 

The average global booking value of a motor-home is $2,160 (NZD) with an average commission to us of 21%. Our average percentage paid to affiliates based on their volume of bookings is 45% revenue share. Meaning that you can expect $204 per booking.

The top 10 destinations for this product are:
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • US
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Finland
  • UK
  • South Africa
  • Spain
If you're a travel agent or run a web-based business then we have a unique opportunity for you to increase revenue and gain a greater presence in the travel and lifestyle markets. At Motorhome Republic we are selective in choosing agents to work with - but in return we offer an affiliate program that is the best of its kind in the industry.

Please click here to sign up for our exciting and hugely rewarding motorhome and RV affiliate product. 

Google Affiliate Network is Closing!

Google announced it is retiring their (GAN) Affiliate Network to focus on other products. According to a statement on the Google Affiliate Network blog, the company stated that it will continue to support customers as they “wind down” the product over the next few months.

Google has given specific dates for the closing of their Affiliate network, announcing plans to disable publisher relationships from advertising programs on July 31, 2013.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will need to find another Travel Affiliate Partner;
  • You will need to research options online;
  • You'll need to assess whether you go through another affiliate network aggregator which  provides lower commission or deal direct with individual providers which pay higher commissions;
  • Research new high paying products in 'niche' high growth categories that do not feature in Affiliate networks.
  • Learn which affiliate providers have full plug and play options with complete reporting. 

The Online Republic Network is worth you consideration as it has globe coverage of both established travel products (cars) and new explosive growth niche travel product (motorhomes) that pay up to 12% of booking value.

Deal direct, cutting out unnecessary commissions, and double your take. Why receive low commissions and give an Affiliate network/aggregators 3% when you could earn it all.

For more information on the Online Republic Travel Affiliate Program, contact John Webster via LinkedIn or email

Alternatively, you may complete (one of) the above sign up forms, and John will take care of the setup process.